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Wound Healing Skin

LASER can be used to aid the healing of a wound providing that it is on the skin or is not very deep. It works by stimulating the cells in the area to encourage inflammation. It’s at this stage that the body’s primary goal is to remove any harmful/irritating waste products out of the wound before the body can close it up with a skin covering. Without inflammation, it would trap anything like an infection inside making it harder to get rid of. Cells called phagocytes essentially eat any of the unwanted parts surrounding the wound. Due to light being a form of energy this helps to encourage and speed up skin covering the wound. is the most effective natural barrier to preventing infections which is why it is important to ensure wounds are healing at the correct pace.

Pain Relief

LASER for pain relief is probably the most common use for it due to how effective it is. Like most electrotherapies, LASER can target more than one thing, as it depends on the dose being given. Instead of stimulating the area like in wound healing, LASER's pain relief dosages are higher to send the nerves that send the pain messages to the brain asleep. This means that temporarily the brain would not be aware that there was any pain in that area that had been treated. It does not affect motor nerves so it would not affect your animal’s ability to move.

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