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Over the course of 4/5 years, I trained as a veterinary physiotherapist and graduated from Writtle University College (University of Essex) in June 2022. This was with an integrated master's in veterinary physiotherapy. Click here to find out more about my course. Do you want to know the difference between a standard undergraduate followed by a master's in veterinary physiotherapy compared to combining the two like me? Click here to find out the difference.

Image by Ivan Aleksic

Degree Assessments

Like with many degrees, I was required to write assignments as well as two dissertations, one for the BSc part and a second at master's level in my final year. In order to use the physiotherapy title, I had to carry out a practical competency log and practical exams. These assessed that I was able to massage, stretch, assess an animal (range of motion, muscle symmetry, confirmation and lameness, performance ability), and write effective and clinical justified rehabilitation plans that use exercises, electrotherapies, massage, and stretching. Finally, be able to state where a muscle originates and inserts, its function, and the nerve that causes the contraction. This is to ensure that I am the most effective therapist I can be.

Kinesiology tape

In November 2019 I took part in a one-day course in equine taping run by RockTape. During the course, I practiced applying tape to myself and horses while being shown useful techniques to target certain muscles and conditions. During my degree, kinesiology tape was also covered enabling me to increase my understanding of this technique. Do you want to find out more about kinesiology tape? Click here!



In July 2022 I took part in a one-hour one-to-one LASER session with Omega LASER Systems when I brought my LASER device from them. This was the same device that I had practiced using while studying. However, it was really useful to go through each setting individually, so that I know that I will get the best out of the device when out practicing! Do you want to find out more about LASER? Click here!

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