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Follow-Up Sessions

Follow-up sessions are for any animal that has had an initial assessment and is receiving treatment for a condition. Treatment frequencies will vary greatly depending on the condition being treated and the tailor-made rehabilitation plan made for your animal. Usually, it will vary between 1-3 sessions in the first and second week, 1-2 in the third week, and once in the fourth week. This is a very rough guide so please contact me if you have any questions as it is extremely case-dependent!

The Actual Session

First I will have chat with you about how your animal has been since their previous session. I'm particularly interested in their behaviour and how you feel their pain levels are. Next, I will start, my assessment, depending on your animal it may vary in order. Generally, I start with a visual static assessment, looking at your animal's confirmation, muscles balance and general behaviour. Followed by a dynamic assessment to see how they are moving and how comfortable they are moving. After which I will palpate (feel) your animal to assess for any differences in texture, tone, tenderness and temperature while assessing their behavioural reactions.

After the assessment, I will feedback to you and talk you through what I would like to do for the rest of the session. Click here to find out what treatments I offer. I will carry out my treatments.

Once I have done the treatments, at this point I may be able to discuss how they are progressing and very rough timescales of when you may be able to start doing things. I then set what I call homework, which is basically exercises, management tips and advice and treatments you can do at home to ensure your animal gets the most out of physiotherapy. All homework will be demonstrated where appropriate to ensure that you feel comfortable and happy performing it. Depending on why your animal is seeing me and how they are coping, they might not get new homework each session. In some cases, I will take homework away because your animal is doing well. For example, a cat whom I had prescribed assisted standing that could not stand that now can, will not need to continue performing assisted standing.

Follow Up Procedure

Within 24 hours after for appointment has finished, I will email or text the instructions for the "homework". If you'd rather I can also create a paper version with the instructions on it. In the meantime, I am more than happy to help with any queries within my working hours.


Follow-up sessions cost £45 for dogs and small animals.

Follow-up sessions cost £50 for horses and farm animals.

Other Questions

If you have any other questions please feel free to get in touch. Here is the link to some other frequently asked questions.

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