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BioMag (Pulse Mag)/PEMFT

Vasodilation (Increased Blood Flow)

Vasodilatation occurs due to the electromagnetic field causing the blood vessels to widen. This allows more blood to come to the area. Why this is needed will be explained in fracture healing.

Pain Relief

Each cell in the body has a charge when pulse mag is on the pain setting it lows the cells' charges. At this lower charge, it is too low for the cell (area) to be detected to be in pain, therefore blocking the pain signal being sent to the brain.

Fracture Healing

As previously stated for vasodilation, increased blood will also occur at this setting. Increased blood means that the area is being flooded with new nutrients and healing cells as well as flushing out the old ones. In fracture healing particularly, pulse mag initiates the healing process (ossification) of the fracture. This is where osteoblasts lay down new bone.

Sometimes fractures don't heal as well as we expect them to and become a non-union fracture. This is where the gap between the two bones does not join together after a certain period of time. Pulse mag can be used to increase the density (strength) of the bone and stop it from being reabsorbed by the osteoclasts quicker than the osteoblasts can lay it down. This is what allows the fracture to heal together.

Vasoconstriction (Reduce Blood Flow)

Instead of increasing blood flow pulse mag can also be used to reduce blood flow. This is particularly important in the first three days or 72 hours after an injury or surgery. In this period the body goes into overdrive and produces too much inflammation that it can create pain. Secondary pain occurs due to the increased blood placing increased pressure on the sensory nerves. Waste products in the area can also irritate the nerve resulting in pain. Using pulse mag on a vasoconstriction setting, allows the blood flow to be controlled so that there is enough blood flow to remove waste products but not put too much pressure on the surrounding nerves.

Neurological Improvement

Similarly to pain reduction, pulse mag can be used to improve neurological function due to its influence on cell charges. This is because it can help to re-establish/reset the cell's charge when it is not functioning correctly.

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